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Long live SAAB

Published by on januari 30, 2010

Dutch television did show this interview (28 January).

I don’t understand what they say but it is great to see SAAB survive and fun that they are playing ABBA music in the background.
Saving SAAB has a lot to do with fans as Steven Wade, The new owner Victor Muller do understand what inspires SAAB fans.

Long live SAAB
Victor Muller

It is great news! Now they have to find a way to drive the brand to new markets.

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iPad: What’s the point?

Published by on januari 28, 2010

When Steve Jobs demoing the iPad and says, look at this is it not incredible? And the only response he gets is quietness… they have some problem. Apple fans are loyal to it’s unique performance (they demand Apple to perform outstanding uniques). Why? Because Apple has created their fan-tribe by creating history. When Steve Jobs talks more about history than future is because his talking about loyalty. The problem is that without creating the future they will not grow their fan-tribe fast enough. Instead they should focusing more in how fans can help them to create Apple future (as with the iPhone Apps).

What’s the point? Buying an iPad?
1. It is only an adaption of smartphone and computers. But this devices is only one more devices to buy not to replace others (it is not yet good enough to replace a computer).
2. As an portable reader it is good enough, but by creating old behaviors “reading” and adaption to new digital devices is not creating any revolution. Kindle and all other solutions is nothing else than updating old behavior to new technology.
3. One big point with the iPad is that is an solution for al old behaviors (Internet is not so new anymore so new innovations is based more on history than the future).
4. The naming of iPad is since years an house project in Dubai (iPad house).
5. They nearly totally missed the point of connecting the online and offline world. Compare this with Google (how is not look in the business model of selling devices).
6.The pricing is starts at 499USD that is a good move to protecting market-shares from the copies that is coming out faster than Steve’s Keynote is ending.

Steve Jobs is an outstanding salesperson, watch how he sells iPod at his latest Key Note speech. Here is my favorite one-liners his speech:
“It’s a dream to type on.”
“Holding the internet in your hand.”
“Apple is a mobile devices company.”

Will I by an iPad? Maybe. Would Apple exist without Steve Jobs? No.

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Download Jack Yan speech notes at Unplugged Speeches™

Published by on januari 27, 2010

Yesterday, 160 open-minded people attended the world première of Unplugged Speeches™ in Stockholm, Sweden. The speaker was branding guru Jack Yan from New Zealand. Not only did he give us trends and knowledge points in business and branding, he pointed out what social media is and isn’t, or, as he said:

Facebook and Twitter are taking the social out of social media.
Jack Yan

Download Jack Yan’s speech notes here.

In a improvised style, a very knowledgeable and high-calibre audience interacted on stage, in their seats, and online with great comments on Twitter and email (thank you). The format during the morning was well balanced between formal presentation and experimentation. The debate was really good.

Jack sang Monica Zetterlund’s hit “Sakta vi gå genom stan” in Swedish with opera star Charlotte Ramberg.

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Published by on januari 26, 2010

Jantelagen’ holds Swedish brands back.

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Why porn stars soon will hate Google

Published by on januari 23, 2010

Google is the ultimate search engine. To stay at the top of their field, they have to develop their services. Soon we will see a visual search function in Google. For porn stars, tattoos are the same as having their phone number on to their bodies. If people will Google visual-search for their tattoos, if a porn star has two or more tattoos, it will be like having a bar code.

If Google combine Visual Search with Google Earth, they will make every digital camera on earth a live search engine. For instance, if you watch television, YouTube on your computer, or put a camera in front of the television or in your car, it will search for everything visual. Also everything in Google Earth will automatically become searchable visually. Then combine this with AdWords and Google will improve their business like never before.

In the future we can take a photo of each other, and we will instantly have our phone numbers and any other social facts that we choose to share in our visual profile.

The sex industry will sell skin advertising in the future—it will work as moving AdWords!

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Are smartphones stupid?

Published by on januari 20, 2010

My smartphone did break down. So I started to use an old mobile. What I realize was that it was a mayor stress release. Smartphone makes us become “addicted tech slaves.” I know this is not popular to say, but I think they are enormous stupid developed, instead of making us smarter I feel stupid speeding hours every day planing for future by looking into my stress machine = smartphone. When I started to use my old mobile (I can only call and sms with this one). Then suddenly I was more in the present. Something is seriously wrong with the development of the softwares in smartphone. Instead of saving time it takes time from present (what more valuable time is there)?

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Invitation to the world premiere of Unplugged Speeches™

Published by on januari 16, 2010

In 2002, we started our Swedish newsletter. Today it has evolved to have around 10,000 subscribers. After eight years it is time to develop our concepts further. In 2010 we will take the leap from digital to physical meetings by creating and providing lectures that are free from PowerPoints, laser pointers and remotes: we call it Unplugged Speeches™. Just as musicians rediscovered their music by appearing on stage unplugged, we want to give the lecturers the same platform. The goal is to focus on the meeting and on the closeness to the people and to the content. With Unplugged Speeches™, we want to create something new that can grow, adapt and evolve with your commitment. Prices are of a symbolic nature (self cost).

Lecture by Jack Yan from New Zealand January 26
First up to test Unplugged Speeches™ is a branding guru Jack Yan. The lecture will be held in English, but Jack is a unique person who admires Sweden so much that he through his coverage of Swedish brands and admiration of Monica Zetterlund´s music he learned some basic Swedish. Jack has agreed to share his Swedish with us at the lecture.

Speech topics:
• Marketing and Social Media: the need to engage through Facebook, Twitter and related services, and what companies might need to consider with social media strategies.
• International trends in branding and marketing.
• Democracy in Action: how democracies might change through the growth of social media (relating this back to Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign), and how we might capture this as marketers.
• The Emergence of the Indian Brand; and the lessons for Sweden in nation branding. Jack will cover the changes in the Swedish brand perception and how far things have come since his first talk in Sweden 2002.

Jack Yan is the author of Typography and Branding and a co-author of Nation Branding: Concepts and Country Perspectives and Beyond Branding.

Speaker: Jack Yan
Moderator: Stefan Engeseth
Entry by Email. OSA deadline januari 20.
Date: Tuesday januari 26. Time: 08.30-10.30.
Place: SpaghettiOperan Regina, Drottninggatan 71 A, Stockholm.
Tickats: 49 Euros (including breakfast), plus tax.

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How to drive a SAAB movement

Published by on januari 8, 2010

The SAAB story is now making an U-turn and are hitting back at GM headquarter, as in the video below by Ryan Emge, editor of

One of the fans in this video are saying “I think SAAB dissever a chance…..” and she left out a senates for YOU to fill in… can ad to survive.

The best movement has a connections to David and Goliath, so is SAAB and GM. With todays Internet structure it is easy to connect fans with each other as movement platforms as Cars is dots that connects themselves if the owners have a common goal. If it was helicopters they could be connected in one place at the time now they have to find landmarks to manifest their movement to like the GM headquarter.

Tweed Coat Set Turns Out for Saab in Detroit.

This song written by an SAAB named David Blumburg is good for spreading the tribe feeling.

By the way is a good think but is not taken and “SAABs future” that is what is missing in the picture.

Thanks to Jack Yan for sending some of the best SAAB links above.

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Published by on januari 7, 2010

Our post: How to save SAAB from GM’s death-row. Have spread to the No 1 SAAB fan-page in the world, how did wrote:

The idea has some genuine merit

It is fascinating to get feedback from the No 1 SAAB fan in the world, Steven Wade (swade). He is running the fan-page and are more dedicated to SAAB than any living GM CEO. The comment on Steven’s post is full of passion for the brand. Fans are in the comments extend the idea (ore drive it fare out in the landscape called “future car models”).

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Renaming the Google iPhone to gPhone

Published by on januari 5, 2010

Google’s new mobile (Nexus One) is in the design more ore less an iPhone version, why not name it gPhone?
I don’t believe in compromising solutions as producing it with HTC, it is not 100% Google. It is like the first Apple mobile done with Motorola (first time I ever seen the audience at Steve Jobs keynote not applauding a new product). We al want Google to become an mobile. They are seriously with but the first step is to much a of an geek product and are not having the innovative genius level that an 100% Google product can achieve.

Like An iPhone On Beautifying Steroids.

Take a look at the “gPhone” in this geek video. The gPhone already got over 2,65 million hits on Google.

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