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WHEN job recruitment is done like a talent show, places like Harvard will transform into a museum

Published by on februari 26, 2021

This new form of talent based recruitment will be a multi billion dollar business. Yet how does it create the plattform and software? WHEN is more of a question, and HOW will it take the lead, and replace the old with the new way ”to work?”

Watch this video, think about how this idea will change recruitment, and what kind of talent corporations will it attract when they can spot the next Whitney Houston for business?… Like this magical young singer.

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Speaker bureau TalarPoolen are now representing Stefan Engeseth / Sharkonomics

Published by on februari 16, 2021

It’s an honor to be a part of the Swedish the speaker bureau TalarPoolen.
I am looking forward to “swimming” with TalarPoolen in topics as Sharkonomics when speaking of keynote speeches, lectures, workshops etc.

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Top 10 most popular posts. Updated: 26 January 2021

Published by on januari 26, 2021

1. An open letter to Jeff Bezos, Please buy the Amazon rainforest!

2. Mighty Ericsson are transforming with Ericsson ONE

3. It was amazing to hold a workshop yesterday at Innovationsledarna!

4. Innovation: A drone lands at a Tesla car driving at high speed to charge it?

5. VIDEO: My TEDxWomen Talk

6. Solving the future of AI live at a keynote for AIM North Symposium

7. From E-Commerce to Word-Commerce

8. Old ways, won’t open new doors in new ways

9. Watch our IKEA fashion prediction walk out of the closet

10. Public record at Sharkonomics webinar for AmCham

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