How to drive a SAAB movement

Published by on januari 8, 2010 at 4:00 e m

The SAAB story is now making an U-turn and are hitting back at GM headquarter, as in the video below by Ryan Emge, editor of

One of the fans in this video are saying “I think SAAB dissever a chance…..” and she left out a senates for YOU to fill in… can ad to survive.

The best movement has a connections to David and Goliath, so is SAAB and GM. With todays Internet structure it is easy to connect fans with each other as movement platforms as Cars is dots that connects themselves if the owners have a common goal. If it was helicopters they could be connected in one place at the time now they have to find landmarks to manifest their movement to like the GM headquarter.

Tweed Coat Set Turns Out for Saab in Detroit.

This song written by an SAAB named David Blumburg is good for spreading the tribe feeling.

By the way is a good think but is not taken and “SAABs future” that is what is missing in the picture.

Thanks to Jack Yan for sending some of the best SAAB links above.