We deliver consulting in areas such as leadership, Internet/social media, marketing, branding, sales and creativity/innovation. For six years we have created a process for detecting possibilities in companies, and to bring out the hidden potential. This process provides new dimensions for companies to put them ahead of their competition. We have consulted at a range of companies, from small and middle-sized ones to international Fortune 500 corporations.

Consulting in areas as:

  • Strategy
  • Business development
  • Branding, marketing & Social media

Unique consulting services:

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I have told many colleagues that Stefan is by far the most curious adult that I have ever met. He asks “Why?” repeatedly until he gets to the real root of a problem, challenge or opportunity. He approaches situations with an unbiased approach, and inspires teams by offering alternative perspectives that challenge the “truths” that we all develop over time as a result of experience.
   Stefan has worked closely with our sales and marketing team at Bio-Works over a 15 month period as an inspirational speaker and coach, helping us to find our inner sharks. Together, we have workshopped a number of ideas on how to identify, attract and retain new customers, and the results speak for themselves. (Just look at Bio-Works Investor Relations page to see our performance.)
   I warmly recommend Stefan to any team looking to sharpen its commercial skills. If you cannot honestly answer the question “Are you a shark?” with a “Yes”, invite Stefan to a meeting and hear what he can offer.
CEO Jonathan Royce, Bio-Works

Stefan Engeseth, has one of the smartest strategic minds in global business and a unique ability to simplify core ideas!
William Shepherd, @BrandOneCulture