At first the Earth was totally flat, then round and now it’s completely upside down

Published by on september 23, 2016

At first the Earth was totally flat, then round and now it’s completely upside down

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Where there’s #money, there is fraud @LaurenJohnson #Adweek

Published by on september 21, 2016

Where there’s money, there is fraud., article by Lauren Johnson


Where there’s flesh, there is sharks.

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Press clip: Sharkonomics in Chines magazine Modern Weekly

Published by on september 19, 2016

Chines magazine Modern Weekly got one million readers, Sharkonomics swim effective in there good Chines article (17 September 2016), issue 926.

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New book: Your Next Vision @aarnih

Published by on september 13, 2016

There are many professionals who have ideas but are struggling to put them into a clear vision. This is why we wrote Your Next Vision – a simple guide on building a business vision. We provide examples, ideas, tools and steps to get you started.
Authors: Aarni Heiskanen, management consultant, and Mikko Taskinen, business coach

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#Selfies is a hunt for the perfect inner #picture

Published by on september 12, 2016

Selfies is a hunt for the perfect inner picture.

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What if #smartphones got smarter when we move? #innovation

Published by on september 5, 2016

What if smartphones got smarter when we move?

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#TimBurton: One person’s craziness is another person’s reality

Published by on augusti 31, 2016

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.
Tim Burton

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From #Pokemon Go to #Tinder Go (#innovation #PokemonGoApp)

Published by on augusti 22, 2016

From #Pokemon Go to #Tinder Go.

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Praise for speaker @ThereseGedda

Published by on augusti 18, 2016

This is my praise for speaker Therése Gedda, a startup CEO and an international speaker about entrepreneurship, startups and performance. Therése is founder and CEO of 30minMBA and she is also now on my blogroll:


Therese is an extraordinary entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. A conductor of energy and magnetism, she engages audiences through her passionate performances, providing audiences with immediate and actionable insights.Combining her background in elite fitness and her extensive professional experience, Therese has motivated people all over the world to reach their goals in both their personal and professional lives.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 2 August 2016

Published by on augusti 2, 2016

1. #AI is mindblowing for #business
2. Cool #innovation: Solar panel windows
3. Virtual reality: You need to make it social
4. Every government need a kick-ass CIO
5. Banks – where is the Love?
6. Sharkonomics consultancy services, based on 420 million years of experience, now launched in English
7. 600 car dealers in standing ovation
8. Our culture is based on a blank slate
9. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin
10. Book review: The rise of advertising and PR (reklame + PR = sant)

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