Renaming the Google iPhone to gPhone

Published by on januari 5, 2010 at 3:20 e m

Google’s new mobile (Nexus One) is in the design more ore less an iPhone version, why not name it gPhone?
I don’t believe in compromising solutions as producing it with HTC, it is not 100% Google. It is like the first Apple mobile done with Motorola (first time I ever seen the audience at Steve Jobs keynote not applauding a new product). We al want Google to become an mobile. They are seriously with but the first step is to much a of an geek product and are not having the innovative genius level that an 100% Google product can achieve.

Like An iPhone On Beautifying Steroids.

Take a look at the “gPhone” in this geek video. The gPhone already got over 2,65 million hits on Google.