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Swedish Stefan Engeseth, most recent of gurus of management that they had come of the cold, after the two “bald spots” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, of the Stokholm School of Economics.
Gurus Online & Magazine / Portugal

The book ONE is about one of today’s hottest topics – how companies can benefit from the energy of the consumer.
Internet World

You will love this book as well. But only if you are prepared to open your mind, and take on the wealth of ideas. Like fellow thinker Edward de Bono, Engeseth likes to provoke and generate a reaction.
Brand Strategy
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Everybody talks about being customer-oriented, but Stefan Engeseth has taken the concept to a much higher level. ONE is the ultimate consumer book.
Al Ries, author of The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: The Origin of Brands

In our brave new opt-in, on-demand world, consumers possess ultimate control over how, when and what messages are received. Stefan Engeseth’s provocative new book smartly explains how businesses can effectively tap into the consumer revolution – instead of being overthrown by it.
O. Burtch Drake, President of CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies

Engeseth’s latest book ONE once again makes us realize why the consumer is the king!
Martin Lindstrom, branding consultant and author of Brand Child and Brand Sense

If you buy one business book this year, buy ONE.
Stephen Brown, Professor of Marketing Research, University of Ulster

If corporations don’t open the door to consumer power voluntarily, they’ll soon be forced to. ONE is about keeping up with changing times.
Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop

Using simple, yet thought-provoking examples, Stefan Engeseth manages to inspire both creativity and clear-sightedness.
Claes Andreasson, former director of Absolut Akademi, the ABSOLUT Company

In order to succeed, a company must have customers on its side. This is why every manager should have a copy of ONE in his or her bookshelf.
Shortcut Magazine. Rating: 9 out of 10

ONE is the only way for marketing to go: without a close communion with customers, companies are just guessing what people want. If managers want a real dialogue, Engeseth’s book is an essential read.
Nicholas Ind, author of Living the Brand and Inspiration

Today’s consumer is not just a source of revenues – they are also your innovators, lobbyists, sounding boards and non-stop marketing machines. In his compelling book ONE, Stefan Engeseth shows you how to harness this new force – and succeed because of it.
Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect

It’s thought-provoking and inspiring. It’s all about taking the Peppers’ One-to-One philosophy a step forward. It’s perfect common sense and he’s given lucid examples of how the ONE approach works. When you read it, you feel guilty that you aren’t doing it yet yourself.

Follow the ONE model and you may magically find that your staff start to enjoy their work and your customers stay enthusiastically loyal to your products. A healthy dose of unorthodoxy never hurt anyone.
Sarah McCartney, senior marketing consultant, editor of Lush Times

The future of advertising is certainly vibrant and well with Stefan Engeseth´s ONE perceptive.
Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI)

Stefan Engeseth has always been ahead of the curve with his books. In ONE, he stays ahead of a changing, more aware world. Marketers – indeed, all business people – risk being left behind if they don’t get with ONE.
Jack Yan, CEO of Jack Yan & Associates

ONE is the Funky Business of the mid 2000’s
Lars Johansson, Consumer Analyst, Vattenfall

The verdict is positive, I appreciated the way to simplify the argument with images, schemes and photos and most of all I think there are a lot of original ideas of he author in this book. ONE is a guide to move beyond the traditional marketing and communication, an occasion to change the approach of communicating with the client consumer.
Vincenzo De Tommaso, DIGITAL PR – Powered by Hill & Knowlton

We need folks like Stefan Engeseth to confront us with radical ideas that help foster out of the box thinking.
Y.A. Pitalwalla, India Correspondent for Asia money magazine

The book is packed with innovative examples. I recommend ‘ONE’ highly.
Trevor Gay – UK Management and Leadership writer and consultant

The ONE idea is brilliant.
Ola Feurst, PhD. Visiting Professor, Lingnan (Univ) College, Sun Yat-Sen University

ONE is a book that’s way ahead of its time – another triumph for Stefan.
Andy Owen, CEO of Andy Owen & Associates

Damn.Why didn’t I think of this?
Simon Anholt, author of Brand America

To become successful today it is important to encourage your customers to take part in the development of the company, to treat them with respect and to share the same values. If you can create an interactive dialogue with them that is open, giving and honest you will be rewarded with long-lasting customer relations and loyal ambassadors for your brand. ONE will inspire you how to do this.
Rosie Kropp, Head of Customer Proposition, Vodafone

Media is going to change and to embrace it we need to use a different language within a different architecture. ONE begins to do just that.
Ron de Pear, Chief Executive Continental Europe & Asia, billetts Media Consulting. Former CIA Chairman International, J Walter Thompson. Executive Vice President Media Worldwide

The most successful companies are the ones that listen to, truly understand and partner with their customers. In ONE, Stefan Engeseth makes a compelling case for the power of putting the customer at the centre of your business. Combining clear examples with his unique eye, he shows us what really matters in building a lasting bond with the people we chose to serve. Read it today. Better yet, read it with your customers today!
Alan Gregerman, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Venture Works Inc. and author of Lessons from the Sandbox

In his new book Engeseth as summarized the new unorganized, unstructured, but highly powerful consumer interrelations movement that has been going on silently for years already, recently highlighted by numerous consumer websites. And the idea is not new, as the author points out, the oldest of ways to relate to your customer – make him or her become your brand friend. It’s a good book and an important pursuit.
Thomas Gad, International branding consultant and author of 4D Branding

If I were a marketing director, it’s the sort of book I’d dish out to my colleagues on a Friday night and say, Let’s talk about this on Monday.
Johnnie Moore, consultant, author and blogger

ONE attracts talent! I mean if consumer marketing is this fun and creative, who wouldn’t want to become a consumer marketeer?
Marianne Olsson, author of Konsultboken