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Published by on oktober 30, 2009

I had the honor to be one of the speakers at Norwegian Distance Sellers seminar. It was interesting and enriching to take part in an interesting day. What I really like with their corporations is that its often so personal (family owned since generations). One of the speakers gave their history in an way that really touched me. Here is more ore less how he pointed out their history:

My father Sigurd Sandvik had his first child in 1965. At that time he was thinking that it is strange that he got an instruction manual along with the baby carriage he bought but when had his baby he got no information. So he founded the company Sandvik AS, which made it possible for other parents to get the information they wanted and needed.
CEO Marius Sandvik, Sandvik AS

I think this is fare more interesting and personal than how they point out their history at In my opinion a story wort spreading and growing.

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A new creative blogger: Surrounded by Geniuses

Published by on oktober 28, 2009

A good friend of me Alan Gregerman is now starting his own blog: Surrounded by Geniuses. Check it out! He is sharp, creative and got his IQ spiced up with a sense of humor (like few people got).

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Published by on oktober 26, 2009

Find out why Swedes are so trendy at In a full day seminar are some of the best speakers as Cay Bond pointing out where business are going. It is the second year I am on of the speakers at this seminar (last year did I predict that Obama should win). In now way they choose me because I dress trendy but Maria Forssén how arranges the annual Trendgalan is always dress for success.

Find out inside news, the creators way to an ideas and products. Listen to Oscar Kylberg who gives half a billion Chinese what they want, learn how to play the piano by the keyboard and Robert Wells; learn how Andreas Carlsson,
of the Idol Jury, comes up with a song and the CEO of Blocket tells us the next thing to trade at Blocket – the recycle trend being as big as ever.

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Social games creates buzz in social media

Published by on oktober 24, 2009

I think social media is important for our society. But it also an playground for both kids and adults to play what I call “social games.” The games purpose is more ore less to connect people. They do so by showcasing behavior worth talking / buzzing about. It can be anything that is wort talking about – and spreading in social media, if its shocking in anyway it will spread faster. Here is an a social game, unboxing. Its called ”Unboxing: the new geek porn.” Strange enough to spread.

Here is an YouTube video “CheapyD Gets His PS3 – Unboxing” that today got over 818 310 views!
Watch also one of the most passionate bloggers in Sweden: Richard Gatarski doing unboxing on his blog.

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Published by on oktober 22, 2009

Since I am passionate about Internet it is an honor to be one of the speakers at the next IMC: Internet Marketing Conference.

IMC-Executive is an Interactive event in the sense that you can at any time ask question or interact openly with your peers during the day. Interruptions are the ”key” to succeed, its your questions that we want to hear, the speakers are here for your reason – not the other way around.

In other words I am there to serve. The host of the day is Lennart Svanberg, he is by fare one of the most passionate person in the Swedish internet community.

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Call to action: YouTube + Nobel Prize winner = YOU: makes social media smarter

Published by on oktober 22, 2009

Today is world premier for the chance to pose your questions directly to a Nobel winners via the Nobel YouTube channel ask questions directly to people as NASA, Dr John Mather. It is an excellent way to show the world how smart social media can be (with your help):

Here is their video about how it works. Find out more information on

If you are in Stockholm, you can ask questions at the special YouTube pod stationed at the Nobel Museum during October 20 – 24. Free admission will be given to visitors who ask a question to John Mather at the Nobel Museum, Stortorget 2, Gamla Stan.

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A workshop in New York that divided the marketing world

Published by on oktober 22, 2009

Last week I was invited by AdForum to a workshop in New York. Sadly I could not make it this time (other lectures). But since I like passionate people I sent over some copies of my latest book for the workshop. Participants were leading professionals from PR agencies, as Steve Rubel of Edelman Digital and Julie Atherton of Hill & Knowlton, and from advertising agencies such as Sapient, Saatchi and Euro RSCG.

This workshop excellently delivered the important changes in the marketing world thats my book is pointing out. When the  participants got into the room the following happened:

We got to the auditorium and were stopped at the threshold by AdForum Dream Leader, Hervé de Clerck. He motioned to a pile of books on a small table dividing two sets of chairs, facing each other. “Pick a book,” he said. Based on which book we picked, we had to sit on either one side of the table or the other. The books were Al and Laura Ries’ The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR and Stefan Engeseth’s cheeky response, The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising. A bit of dithering followed de Clerck’s instructions as consultants pondered the grave implications of this prophetic choice. Then they divided quickly: in a few bats of the eye, most of the Ries books were gone. The PR side was swollen with smug chair-seizers. And on the ad side? A thin crowd, composed of embarrassed giggles and tight smiles.

I realize now after reading about this workshop that I missed a historical moment. The marketing community was divided in to two worlds. The discussion I believe was dynamic due to the shift we now are facing in communication with social media, etc. But since I like New York and passionate people I hope there will be another opportunity for discussion.

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Beyond the tipping point

Published by on oktober 18, 2009

When I started to write about “the fall of PR” I was nearly alone. Today there is soon over 500 000 hits on Google. The point is now what I call “beyond the tipping point.” In other words when a story has spread enough it will has its own life. Here is an blog post : “Is the PR Business Extinct? Yes.”

70% of today’s PR firms with their traditional public relations and communications business structures will not survive the fast-approaching social media avalanche.
CEO Fuat Kircaali, SYS-CON Media (Former executive at IBM and AT&T)

Other bloggers opinion is even stronger, there saying that 2009 is the last year the PR industry will be as power full as it is today. I will not take it that fare, but the tipping point has no limits. For the PR industry I think it’s time to change and adapt before the IT industry starts to take over their business as Mr Fuat points out.

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Read this blog in your languages

Published by on oktober 17, 2009

Now in the right bar there is an Google Gadget toolbar where you can choose your language.

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Building an tribe mall for 103000 Euro

Published by on oktober 14, 2009

This week I was visiting the building site of Liljeholmstorget market place, it is right now being rebuild into Liljeholms shopping mall (90 new shops). One thing I find interesting is that a lot of shopping malls in Sweden have got a lot of anti-demonstrations. Why? Because people feel that malls are destroying the community of old shops and social structures. In this case it is the opposite. Around 200 000 people live, work or travel to this central suburb. Today it is an grey-dark place you don’t like to stick around any longer than it takes for the bus to arrive. Since wintertime in Sweden nearly are to cold to be outdoors there is an large demand in social meeting places. In other words an tribe without a place to connect around.
I did talk with one of the architects Fredrik Elsner from Wester+Elsner. My interpreting of their work is that this building is connecting people function as an ant-hill with many different entries and places to stick around. CEO Mats Wallin at Ymer their advertising agency explain that every shop will have their own Twitter account – to have an direct connection to consumers how have interest in different shops. I do think this can become successful in many ways if the owner Citcon are saving some of the 103 000 Euros for manifestations and rituals for the creation of the mental tribe building. In other words connecting shopping with meaning. It will open 22 October so have wait and see how well this new tribe mall will attract and connect 200 000 of the potential tribe members. If they are successful in finding the right way of connecting they will soon find that 200 000 people is 200 000 radios that spread the word by creating buzz.

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