Why are Swedes so trendy?

Published by on oktober 26, 2009 at 8:00 f m

Find out why Swedes are so trendy at In a full day seminar are some of the best speakers as Cay Bond pointing out where business are going. It is the second year I am on of the speakers at this seminar (last year did I predict that Obama should win). In now way they choose me because I dress trendy but Maria Forssén how arranges the annual Trendgalan is always dress for success.

Find out inside news, the creators way to an ideas and products. Listen to Oscar Kylberg who gives half a billion Chinese what they want, learn how to play the piano by the keyboard and Robert Wells; learn how Andreas Carlsson,
of the Idol Jury, comes up with a song and the CEO of Blocket tells us the next thing to trade at Blocket – the recycle trend being as big as ever.