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Published by on mars 31, 2008

In online virtual worlds that is as matter a relevant question to ask. Up into now it has been asked in Second Life now there.. is a fast growing place to ask it in and its growing fast so check it out. If parents don’t like there kids to be “,” they only have to call them and then they block them so they can be more in “Real Life” and enjoy spring fore real. But still it’s a good question: Are your avatar ready for spring?
More virtual worlds to checkout in springtime: Moove, Active Worlds and a classical Second Life.

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Cracking the Indian consumer code

Published by on mars 29, 2008

india_2_0_logo.jpgI do have the honor to be the moderator at the first seminar about the Indian consumers, in 080407 Stockholm/Sweden:

Within a generation India will become a nation of upwardly mobile middle class households, consuming goods ranging from high end cars to designer clothing. In two decades it said to surpass Germany as the world’s fifth largest consumer market. Companies that fail to understand the unique tastes and desires of the new Indian con¬sumer will miss out on a half billion strong market. So who are these Indian consumers? What are their tastes and desires? How do Swedish companies brand and market in India? How do Swedish companies communicate with an Indian consumer? Come and gain some interesting insights and outlooks on how to tap into this large growing market in India.
Download the program here in 7 pages in PDF (1 MB).

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New You: New business with “Cash bulls”

Published by on mars 28, 2008

People are getting older but want to stay young forever. This build up a demand for a business segment I call “New You.” Demand of a new business is the reality check that goes on everyday in at least 5 billion mirrors (were talking big money). The mirror hasn’t changed but the observer definitely has changed their values in seeing them growing older. Men are buying hormones and are the new “cash bull,” they are spending big money (with little knowledge).
Selling products and services for “New You” is as an example beauty, lifestyle diet, health, fitness, cosmetic surgery, anti ageing advice, spas, and psychologies etc. Brands as Viagra, Dove – Pro Age are making millions on stopping time (ore making time for consumers). And in media are magazines, TV shows and exhibitions builds up a growing demand.
I got 9 700 000 hits today when search for ”new you” on – that says a lot about demand and the profit potential. Here is one of them that have an offer hard to refuse (for does how the message to stay young forever).

How to look ten years younger.

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Inspirational people by Daniel Hjelmtorp

Published by on mars 27, 2008

Daniel Hjelmtorp is one of doe’s humble persons that pick up knowledge everywhere. Here is how he writes about how he gets his inspiration:

Who needs collage and university when you can find it online? Almost everything forth knowing is online, if not its probably not necessary to know. But the book medium is still the best for travelling, which I do every day. How easy it is to blow away a few hours in a good book. Daniel Hjelmtorp

I do share Daniels passion for finding both information and inspiration (hope to meet you soon again).

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Adidas encourage originality

Published by on mars 25, 2008

 The world of adidas Originals 2008  Adidas is a brand that lead not follows the evolution of branding. They understand that the ongoing consumer revolution change the sport of branding. Checkout

In 2008, adidas Originals inspires and enables consumers with stories of authenticity, creativity and individuality from the special part of the world in which the Trefoil lives. In the ’70s, a globe was used as a visual device to bring to life the vast array of different sports catered for by adidas. As our open and positive attitude transcends sport and style, we reintroduce the globe to show that adidas Originals unconditionally provides products for a multitude of lifestyle consumers. A handful of examples demonstrate the richness and diversity of the brand and its consumers. Making up the world of Originals, these special stories prove that adidas Originals and all those wearing it truly Celebrate Originality.

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Tata Nano a car from Bollywood

Published by on mars 23, 2008

The Indian car Tata Nano looks like an insect to me. A bumblebee doesn’t know that they can’t fly and Nano are going to fly out on the market global market. That’s nice. If I was Debasis Ray Head (Corporate Communications) Tata Motors I introduced this new car as a Bollywood movie al over the world. And the only way to see the film should been to see it in a drive in cinema. Build the cinema central in towns and every person should only see it sitting in a Nano, after the film every person sitting in it can drive away with it for free. The persons invited to the film should be Indian friends, local stars, movie stars and winners of different media competitions (magazines, TV etc). This would build buzz, and tap into the old feeling of American culture (drive in car – safe and social). But I am not Debasis Ray how I guess have a lot of plans to fly this bumblebee around the world.

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Pianist Yosuke Yamashita vs. figure skater Tonya Harding

Published by on mars 22, 2008

Watch the artist Yosuke Yamashita playing a burning piano. Then answer the question: Will he give the piano artistry the same success factor that Tonya Harding gave ice-skating?

It would be interesting to see them perform together today at World Figure Skating Championships. I can imagine Yosuke playing on a burning piano in the center of the ice rink and a skating comeback by Tonya spinning around and maybe jumping over the piano.

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Shen Yun a Chinese controversy show

Published by on mars 21, 2008

Last evening I saw Shen Yun – Chinese Spectacular a show that was my first trip to China. It was unreal, just as I image that a trip to China is going to be. After the show I was interview by national Chinese television and they asked what I thought of the show. My answer: My next girlfriend has to be Chinese!
Seriously this was a great show! But it was stop in Denmark with protest from the Chinese government. The reason is that is partly critical to the Chinese regime and has connections to Falun Gong. In Sweden they did try to stop the show but instead Swedish government and media defended the freedom to express your self. And off course it grow into a sold out success.

The Chinese traditional instrument Erhu, was my favorite. It is nearly painful bountiful and it sounds exactly as traditional Chinese tee taste.
The magic performer this evening was soloistErhuist Xiaochun Qi.

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Consumers are crying over non-loyal brands

Published by on mars 20, 2008

They think they own their brands, but they don’t see that without consumers they don’t have a brand. So when brand owners don’t understand that they also have to be loyal they change the content of the brand. It’s like changing a mirror to a mirror that you can’t see ore want to see yourself in. Today I got an email from a friend witch daughter been crying al day. The reason is a Swedish photo/social network. Its called has changed their layout and even deleted pictures on heir friends. In a few hours have fans started hate-websites, list and even said that they physical wants to punish the employees that are responsible for the changes. Is this really what a brand 2008 should get into the big picture of being? When will they learn 2020?

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The father of mobile phones: Östen Mäkitalo

Published by on mars 14, 2008

osten_makitalo1.jpgOn this photo the innovator of the mobile phone, together with my mobile and me. Östen is a legend; he did get one more price at Competence Award (Kompetensgalan). In his thanks speech did he point out that before the mobile phone, was there only 1 billion phones. But now are there 4 billion mobile phones in the world! I did ask him why so many mobile phones, and he answer simple, where you are is the place where you need to call from (good point).

On my question about how it is to be an innovator in a big corporation and success, he gave a point that will stay with me forever:

It’s easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.
Östen Mäkitalo, The father of mobile phones

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