New You: New business with “Cash bulls”

Published by on mars 28, 2008 at 6:14 f m

People are getting older but want to stay young forever. This build up a demand for a business segment I call “New You.” Demand of a new business is the reality check that goes on everyday in at least 5 billion mirrors (were talking big money). The mirror hasn’t changed but the observer definitely has changed their values in seeing them growing older. Men are buying hormones and are the new “cash bull,” they are spending big money (with little knowledge).
Selling products and services for “New You” is as an example beauty, lifestyle diet, health, fitness, cosmetic surgery, anti ageing advice, spas, and psychologies etc. Brands as Viagra, Dove – Pro Age are making millions on stopping time (ore making time for consumers). And in media are magazines, TV shows and exhibitions builds up a growing demand.
I got 9 700 000 hits today when search for “new you” on – that says a lot about demand and the profit potential. Here is one of them that have an offer hard to refuse (for does how the message to stay young forever).

How to look ten years younger.