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Over 12000 feed subscribers in 24 hours

Published by on augusti 31, 2007

Wow, we got over 12000 feed subscribers in 24 hours, after moving from our old blog into this site.
Please change/update to our new feed:

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Positive social spam with

Published by on augusti 30, 2007 is every ware. It is a “in your face tribe” with more than 31 million active users and are growing with over 100,000 new registrations per day since Jan. 2007. is great but it is also a modern version of “social spam,” at the same time it is positive networking. With our long dark winters in Sweden it is naturally hot news. How can say no, to 31 million potential “social” dates!

Don’t ever try to hide from it is to hard… here are some escape lines I heard from people how try to find a way out of getting into the tribe that is everyware:
– No am not single (don’t work because: On Freebook are your face is single).
– I like my work (don’t work because: On Freebook is your face saying yes to offers you cant say no to).
– Can I get your mobile number? (Don’t work because: You cant say that you are single anymore if you are on Facebook, so you can get your face away… in Facebook.

You see there is now way to hide your face from this running tribe that is in your face (and yes off cause I am in your face at

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Sing along with our new site

Published by on augusti 29, 2007

To escape from Blogger into WordPress is like a modern escape from Alcatraz. But now out and free, I like to sing you a song (but then people will arrest me). So I leave the singing to a wonderful version of Bono (working in a bank). Did try to post this in Blogger before but it did not work. Still after the escape there are thinks to fix, but now is a time to enjoy freedom, so turn up your sound an sing along.

Thanks to my magic web designer Bengt Jönsson for making this new site in a nice and functional design and Fredrik Wackå & friends for good support in our Alcatraz escape. Also thanks to Jaffe Juice for the link to the song.

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Our blog are moving into this site – please change your RSS feed

Published by on augusti 27, 2007

Our blog are moving into this site.
Please change your RSS feed

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Surrounded by Geniuses: Get creative inspiration

Published by on augusti 26, 2007

Not many grownup authors know how to play with business opportunities, but Alan Gregerman does. In his new book “Surrounded by Geniuses” can you find good inspiration and new ways to be more creative.

Update 2 July, 2008:
Surrounded by Geniuses has recently won the Axiom Award as one of the best business and leadership books of 2008.

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Swedish kick ass marketing

Published by on augusti 24, 2007

Their name is Sloggi and they are selling underwear with a competition of how has the niece’s bottom. They use Swedish hot pictures to pimp there brand and are doing it with the personality of Swedish “kick ass marketing” at (they have been reported to the government for non ethical way of marketing there products). For me it is more of an statement in that we live in an time when so many people want to be famous that they are even willing to make an “as of them self.”

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HotSnow out of the FinlandBox

Published by on augusti 22, 2007

Now before wintertime are Igor starting a new design studio in Helsinki called Hotsnow. It would be really co(o)ld if they were to become the fist design studio in the world to have there office outside in the snow. They can pitch on hot clients to get into the HotSnow. That is for me “out of the FinlandBox.”

Also check out their blog: Hotsnow Blog

Bookmark and Share a Swedish version of Second life

Published by on augusti 21, 2007

A new Swedish fashion brand, check it out (it looks like a Swedish smart shopping version of Second life). I got the link from Olle Wästberg.

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How to bet on future business

Published by on augusti 19, 2007

Companies that make music instruments are listening to their consumers as exactly musicians listen to their instruments. Tune in to The Zildjian Company in a good Harvard Business article by Gardiner Morse. Fender is also letting there consumers play with there A&D.
Is this ONE case the fruit of the passion they share?
Thanks to Erik Kayser for sending this case.

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A skull brand named Cheap Monday

Published by on augusti 18, 2007

Back in 2000 did two friends here in Sweden opened a second hand store in a Stockholm. Soon they grow into a modern story with a skull logo that hit the market when consumers walked like on a cat walk showing of their different design (Jeans for 40-50 Euro is good “storybuilding”).

Today have their consumer catwalk been taking Cheap Monday in to 28 countries and over 1000 stores all over the world (Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Canada and The Middle East). Check out modern common sense in a skull at
I think the brand Cheap Monday should be Cheaper at Mondays so the brand would deliver that there name promise.

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