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Free download of my book! Fasten seatbelts before reading it!

Published by on juni 30, 2007

Surprised passengers received the following message on FlyNordic´s morning flight: “This is your captain speaking. We are now flying at a creative height of 10.000 meters. To your left you can see some clouds and straight in front of you, in the chair pocket, you will find a creative book BY THE author Stefan Engeseth.”

Open your mind and download a free copy of the fourth edition of Detective Marketing here, 176 free pages of inspiration.

In today’s highly competitive business world, people are looking for a new creative edge. Based on the reader’s own creativity, this book can help you find that edge. The book has been called “The book that best-selling business writers read” and has more than 300,000 readers worldwide (Internet download and books). Three editions have sold out for one simple reason: YOU! If you like it and spread the word, there will soon be a fifth edition.

Download: /D-M_Freebook.pdf
Update 17 July: It spreads: New Zeeland, France, India, Sweden (1, 2), where will it spread next?

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Buy one team at

Published by on juni 29, 2007

Consumers are buying out bad management, their wallet rule:

”50,000 MyFootballClub members are about to bid for an English football club. They will make history together, voting on team selection and on which players to buy and sell. Members will attempt to guide the club up the leagues, sharing equal ownership and control. Just like a football management game – but for real.” My Football Club

How will start And ore etc so consumers can buy the companies that not listens to them…
I did get this ONE link from Erik Kayser –thanks.

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iPhone me Steve Jobs ore sell Apple to Google

Published by on juni 28, 2007

Humble words about iPhone from a humble Swede…
iPhone me Steve Jobs

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Two good ONE articles in Czech Business

Published by on juni 26, 2007

Read good ONE articles in Czech Business by Irena Fuková. First article: ”If you listen, they will come…” and in the second article:

“Though Engeseth promotes thorough communication with customers, he has criticized the consumer complaint phone lines some companies, such as hotel chains, use as being counterproductive. “The consumer phone lines only teach customers to complain,” he said, adding that instead companies should establish links with satisfied customers to get feedback and ideas and, at the same time, create sort of a family of fans. Soliciting only complaints usually results in criticism that’s unconstructive.” Consumers fine-tune companies

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Lose more and get more

Published by on juni 17, 2007

Was talking with my friend Jonas about bad experience we have had when traveling together. Off course we had some great to. So many times they lie so badly about the hotel standard and everything else. Then they ask us if we want to have their member card! Why not call it – The Loser card, the slogan for the card could be “Lose more and get more.” The sad thing is that so many consumers are getting the loser values and they think they are winners. With this card companies can be honest about what loser they think their consumers are (it can even be trendy). ABBA could then sing – the loser takes it al…

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Local voices could drive emotions in the bus

Published by on juni 15, 2007

Today I was on a bus and listen to the professional but boring voice of a machine telling me what bus station that was coming up next. Why not let local heroes tell what station is coming next? Then it will have a connection and dialect to the local place where we are at the moment. It could maybe sounds like “why don’t you get of at the next bus station, for I was born there.” It will make it personal so people care. It doesn’t need to be stars. I guess it even can be advertising (free tickets if you listen to local shopping information?). The same idea with local voices can be added into GPS navigation for cars (not only with stars). This is an easy way of letting the local rots growing. It will also cure the home blindness that so many suffer from (what you don’t know is what you cant see ore here – often because it is to close to your home). Test it next time your on the bus (can you say something interesting and local for every bus station?). This service will ad more than added value, if people start talking in the bus. The local voices will drive emotions in the bus. It could be done as a Wikipedia of voices and connected to the Internet with GPS navigation.

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Top Spin evolution of tennis at Roland Garros

Published by on juni 2, 2007

This week I was in Paris and attended in the audience at Roland Garros. Did not like tennis before playing it on Top Spin at Xbox. A great game that made friends and me try to play in real life (see photo). The next step was to see the Grand Slam life. It was great to see the great players as Nadal and Swedish Jonas Bjorkman (see photo). It was so close that I could plug and play my Xbox joystick, (if I got it with me). The problem with male tennis is that the first serve kills the game. A suggestion to get them to play more tennis instead of killing it with the first serve is

simple to take it away. If they only got one serve they will not take the chance to win with the serve and instead concentrate on the game (that’s why we are paying for the ticket and watching them). The woman tennis was much more interesting and made the audience scream for more. It would be great if the players was updating there Top Spin profile live, when they where playing. Ore if I could plug my joystick into there body and play (it is coming but how soon?).

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Zodiac – serial killer application

Published by on juni 1, 2007

Did see the movie Zodiac yesterday, about a serial killer that did call himself Zodiac. The movie was well done but so boring that it self become a serial killer of us in the audience. In the film did the killer ware a watch with the brand name Zodiac. Did think I have seen it before and find it at Will this movie be the first to introduce a “serial killer application” level for products?

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