Local voices could drive emotions in the bus

Published by on juni 15, 2007 at 5:50 e m

Today I was on a bus and listen to the professional but boring voice of a machine telling me what bus station that was coming up next. Why not let local heroes tell what station is coming next? Then it will have a connection and dialect to the local place where we are at the moment. It could maybe sounds like “why don’t you get of at the next bus station, for I was born there.” It will make it personal so people care. It doesn’t need to be stars. I guess it even can be advertising (free tickets if you listen to local shopping information?). The same idea with local voices can be added into GPS navigation for cars (not only with stars). This is an easy way of letting the local rots growing. It will also cure the home blindness that so many suffer from (what you don’t know is what you cant see ore here – often because it is to close to your home). Test it next time your on the bus (can you say something interesting and local for every bus station?). This service will ad more than added value, if people start talking in the bus. The local voices will drive emotions in the bus. It could be done as a Wikipedia of voices and connected to the Internet with GPS navigation.