If your company was a watch, what should it show?

Published by on maj 7, 2006 at 10:08 f m

Did ask this question to heavy CEO´s at a workshop I hold recently. They got really provoke about the question. First they did say we don’t understand the question. Then after some time they started to guess and then I ask what their consumers should answer and they did not now anything about that. So I did take them out ONE the street and got them to ask consumers what time it is ONE their companies-watch. ONE of the answers I got back was that they al need to leave there boardroom more if they should now what time it is! Today they watch the time more often and are prepared for the question any time.
Why is it hard to ask this kind of questions? Is it because of questions with no answers are provoking there knowledge? How does this questions make you feel:
If your company was a watch, what should it show?
What is the time for your company-watch now?

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