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Learning is never too late, but learning too slow is always too late

Published by on april 29, 2012

Learning is never too late, but learning too slow is always too late.

Above from the Sharkonomics book.

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Awesome magic at Gulltaggen 2012

Published by on april 26, 2012

Best speaker yet at Gulltaggen 2012 is Marco Tempest: Techno-illusionist. His presentation material was at another level than normal business power points. Maybe because he is an awesome magician and an entertainer in world class. Normally magic is based on secrets, but Marco’s magic is based on Open Source Magic and he is spreading the magic of the crowd instead of keeping it secret.

Magic is a playground to experiment different futures.
Marco Tempest: Techno-illusionist

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Four page article about Sharkonomics in the business magazine CIO Sweden

Published by on april 22, 2012

Read four page article about Sharkonomics in CIO Sweden as PDF in Swedish or English (Google translation).

Sharks are often satisfied with a sample chew, especially if the victim moves out of reach – but market leader tend to bleed more than moving …
CIO Sweden, Nr 3, april 2012

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The Swedish book launch of Sharkonomics is crowded

Published by on april 18, 2012

It seems that the Swedes are hungry for shark knowledge since so many people signed up for the Swedish book launch of Sharkonomics. I think it  will soon be fully booked (register asp). Those who like the book on will be VIPs.  On stage we have a strong panel at the launch with some of the best thinkers in Sweden:

Carl Wåreus, CEO, DDB. Merci Olsson, Marketing and Communications Director, Nilgun Carlson, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Oriflame Cosmetics. Gisle Dueland, marketing director, Turkish Airlines. Martin Deinoff, Vice President, Creuna.
Opening Keynote speaker:
Jan Fager, CEO, The Swedish Marketing Federation.

Invitation in Swedish and in English (Google translation).

Organized by The Swedish Marketing Federation.

Sponsors: Reffekt & Smurfit Kappa.

Bookmark and Share Sharkonomics loved and recommend as a must read by Karen Post

Published by on april 15, 2012

”A must read book” is perhaps what most authors strive to achieve in a book review and to get it from a bestselling author like Karen Post fells great! Karen Post is sharp and she is a force, check out her blog, books etc. Thanks to my dear friend Micke at Reffekt for the connecting me with Karen. As Karen said:

I love how the planet is so small and one local connection opens up a world of new resources. After a few online chats, Stepfan sent me his latest book, which was an exhilarating read to say the least.

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Prof. Philip Kotler: A stimulating read!

Published by on april 12, 2012

Stefan not only uses the ‘shark’ metaphor but has actually swam in shark waters to absorb the drama of life and death. He describes the attack strategems of a shark, but respects the intended victims enough to show how they can defend themselves. A stimulating read!!
Philip Kotler, S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Praise for the Sharkonomics book.

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Now are the Kindle and iPad edition of Sharkonomics out

Published by on april 10, 2012

It is amazing to see that there are so many people who do NOT like to read printed books anymore (which is good for nature). I reieve many emails from people asking for an ebook version of my latest book Sharkonomics. It is great to see that it is now released in Kindle and iPad edition.

Globally the book is sold as an ebook at of these bookshops:

I think it is great that ebook’s finally are a hit (thanks to Steve Jobs). It is also interesting to see how printed books are transforming into furnitures in our homes, check it out at the Bookshelf blog.

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It is a sheer battleground out there; lots of ‘strategies’, ‘tactics’, ‘attack plans’…

Published by on april 6, 2012

It is a sheer battleground out there; lots of ‘strategies’, ‘tactics’, ‘attack plans’… Sharkonomics is not about survival of the fittest, but of the ‘misfit’ who has a streetwise cunning, coupled with imagination and creativity.
Nilgun Carlson, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Oriflame Cosmetics

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Sharkonomics interview in CIO Sweden

Published by on april 3, 2012

Yesterday I got interviewed about my Sharkonomics book in CIO Sweden by Lina Rosengren. Excellent questions – read this sharp article in Swedish ore in English/Google/translation.

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Sharkonomics: Press release in Swedish

Published by on april 2, 2012

Sharkonomics: Press release in Swedish (word)

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