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John Cleese recipe for finding creativity

Published by on november 29, 2011

Last friday I attended at lecture with legendary comedian John Cleese who is a creative mastermind. He is not the kind of speaker that has taken creativity lightly, instead he goes deep into the dark which seems to inspire his creativity. My three favorite quotes from his eminent lecture, which I believe can be used as a recipe for finding creativity:

• Tolerate confession.
• Pressure is what kills us.
• Dealing with feelings.
John Cleese
Quote from his speech at The Inspiration Day by Ekvilibrium (25/11/11).

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Paint a picture of the brand, with the consumer

Published by on november 1, 2011

Paint a picture of the brand, with the consumer.
Legendary Professor of Marketing Kevin Lane Keller
Above is an quote from his speech at legendary Tendensdagen 2011.

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