You don’t need to be Michael Moore too see Mickey Mouse in the Bush

Published by on september 21, 2005 at 10:01 f m

One of Michael Moore’s latest projects is about the drug industry. Moore is examining the drug industry and the ethics of the drug industry. Today drug industries have a reputation to not save the life’s’ of their customers but also take their life. The man who showed us how to see Mickey Mouse in the Bush now hunts the moral and ethics of doing business in the drug industry.
The question I ask my self is how far the drug industry have gone in order to make profit and how consumers can use their consumer power to heal the problems of the drug industries, and become a positive source of health. There are many ways to interact with consumers, instead of using modern CB (cynical business) one can for example interact with consumers through modern IT. Therefore the company should involve the consumer in the process. I myself say to my doctor; I believe in you but it is my body so I need to be a part of the process.

Michael is great when it comes to critical thinking but he would be even greater if he in his own journalism pointed out more solutions than problems. Michael Moore could develop his journalism further by first defining the problem, suggest a solution and then implement the solution. This could be the journalism for tomorrow.