Will Google introduce Googlephone today?

Published by on november 5, 2007 at 6:18 e m

To be ore not to be in consumers mobile is what Google and others are fighting for right now. Google will announce their mobile strategy plans this evening. The speculation is spreading fast and is powered by headlines. Recommend reading Amol Sharma good article ”Can Google-Powered Phones. Connect With Carriers?” in The Wall Street Journal.

”Google to Announce Mobile Platform on Monday. Search giant is preparing to announce an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications.”

“Leaked Google Phone Photo: Is This For Real?”

“Google has more mobile plans, but still no Googlephone”

To be ore not to be a mobile is not the question for Google, it is how you can steer the mobile tribe that search for answers in real life (brands, products, information etc). That’s why I hope to see Google Downtown in my mobile soon.