When will corporations have their own military?

Published by on augusti 3, 2006 at 10:31 f m

Even since Adam Smith & co have companies try to find short cuts. I believe that they soon also will have their own military. Some already have it (they rent it). Because of terror and criminal elements are security so critical part of big business that it needs to be a part of the company. This means that they will need an “in-house” army to secure and control the “sell force” etc. It may sound cynical but many have already their own “in-house secret service department,” a specially branches with big money as the car industry, IT etc.
Back in the 1980 I called the big blue about an innovation I waned to show for them, the security chief called me back and asked if I hade something against the USA! I don’t think so I only hade an innovation I wanted to discuses… before this call (today the innovation is standard on the market).

It is a bit like the legendary movie “The Lord Of The Rings” where the good and bad fore in the world fight. It would feel strange with some bad “corporate army” running around in Mordor to secure profit.

The above scenario is more than possible if not the corporate world open up and lock it self in a fix reality (where only profit is the goal). By open up for consumers they will act and be more healthy way of doing business. Nothing wrong with profit but is their really any profit without consumers?
When did Bill G say, “The only thing we don’t have is our own army”? Will does army’s have brands on their dresses? Is industry espionage using traditional army’s for the profit of the countries business (airplane etc)? Is this a future we really want?