Victor Muller: SAAB’s will be SAAB’s again

Published by on februari 24, 2010 at 12:31 e m

Finally: “Spyker Cars finalizes the purchase of Saab Automobile,”

In this deal I think Victor Muller has shown to be an excellent tribe leader. Listen to this quotes from the video below:

The main thing we need to change: We need to give our costumers the clear message, that SAAB’s will be SAAB’s again. The company has lost it’s DNA over the past years and that has cost its costumers to turn its back on it….We are not looking for new costumers, were just looking for getting our own costumers back.

In this video do the corporate leaders thanks their fans. One of them is Steven Wade, how did fly al the way from Australia to attend at this tribe meeting. Here is his own emotional words:

Last night I went to a big celebration dinner at the Grand Hotel here in Stockholm. There were about 50 people present in one of the most beautiful dining rooms I’ve ever seen. It was totally surreal, like watching a scene in a very ornate movie with suited people, frescoed walls and complete with a snowfallen city backdrop.