Today Audi is lunching “Audi TV- channel”

Published by on oktober 24, 2005 at 6:39 e m

Brands are becoming increasingly global and anonymous along with their products. SAAB has melted into GM, Volvo into Ford and Volkswagen has photocopied itself into Skoda and Seat. The products are becoming generic as they lose touch with their identities and origins. Quality is no longer as strong of an argument as the difference between brands shrinks. The copy can actually be better that the original since the savings in product development can be put back in the form of extra features. This defeats the whole purpose of brands – brands were originally created to protect the consumer and the manufacturer from bad originals.
Today Audi is lunching its ONE TV-channel. This is a great possibility for the to create a deeper relationship with their consumers “buy an Audi online in our show.”
It is also a way for them to create a brand mirror, so consumers can see them self and in the brand.
But how is it that drives the brand is it the consumers ore Audi?