The sofa cover behavior

Published by on oktober 31, 2006 at 9:48 f m

In one of my favored series Evertbody Loves Raymond, they have a sofa in his parent’s house. It can sound silly but I can’t stop thinking of the sofa cover in so many families home (why by something that you don’t use?). I think this is the case with many products for consumers, they shop not to consume but to show of. Why? Don’t the manufacture opportunities in this consumer behavior? What do you think this behavior is telling us? Is it an ad space for credit cards (enjoy life…)? Is the plastic protection something that is symbolic for other products to? And if we look fare out is “the sofa cover behavior” the first step to stay fresh forever (a sort of plastic operations?). Well next time I step in a home with a sofa cover I will ask them why? And next question would be: Do you have cover for your wallet to?
Is there anyone that now the history behind the sofa cover? Ore your sofa cover.