Small US agencie Sköna use Swedishness to grow

Published by on januari 21, 2014 at 10:00 f m

Sweden is famous for its super brands, created with a Swedishness culture. A small US agencie Sköna use Swedishness to grow, did find them in Silicon Vikings newsletter.
Here is how they discibe there culture based on Lagboken:

At Sköna, we implement the Swedish model. This means we don’t like hierarchy and we’re allergic to red tape. It means that we collaborate on exactly everything because we know that the best ideas come from the unlikeliest of sources. Our ideas have been translated into “The Sköna Lagbok” – the manual for how we treat each other and our clients. Like in every language, words have more than one meaning. This Swedish word is no exception. Literally, Lagbok means teambook. Not a bad way to start. But colloquially, it has come to mean the “Law of the Great Land”.

They point out specially: Under-promise and talk less, listen more in my opinion that is the most Swedish points in there list.
Cool that they create a Swedish US cultural (in my opinion a perfect match).