Relation vs. knowledge

Published by on augusti 5, 2009 at 10:06 f m

Relations beats the level of knowledge. That fact that qualifications doesn’t matter in most knowledges fields did trouble me a lot before. Today I understand that relationships are also an knowledge to be acknowledged. This is in my opinion an talent problem. Did write an post: Why Hollywood sucks! One strong reason for this is that the relationships inside Hollywood are more important than the fact that most movies sucks. They don’t care if the movies are good ore not, the relationships in their business community are more important. When relationships wins over knowledges incompetents spreads in the community, next they don’t attract gifted people anymore (gifted people understand that they cant compete with relations).
So how attract the most gifted people? Well here is to big talent fields, IT and the hole technology field (robots, computers don’t care how you know ore not). Exact the only part of Hollywood that improving (special effects and animated films are in the technology field today).