Reality bites!

Published by on april 11, 2006 at 9:41 f m

Many use customers to tear down conservative internal routines and give their companies a much needed dose of reality. Statistics can hide what’s really going on in the world; this makes the customer an invaluable resource. Customers can not only help the company evolve, they can also make it easier to attract better employees and contribute to creating a positive upward spiral.

Dialogue is life, statistics the paper it’s written on.

To maximize profits and get the most out of each other’s resources, the company can give the customer the rights to innovations they have created together for a limited period of time. This makes the customer a participant and gives the company a head start over its competitors. Many companies today find that it is more rewarding to work with former employees as consultants and suppliers than with current employees. The reason that is referred to time and again is that this arrangement often leads to a more dynamic working relationship.

“Tetra Pak is a company based on an idea that doesn’t work.”

Sven Andren, Idea Management, Tetra Pak

The packaging that Tetra Pak built its company on and created an empire from is based on something that was once impossible: to package milk in paper. By keeping their focus on the consumer, Tetra Pak has managed to build further on the attitude that made the impossible possible. Historically, it has been a great advantage to be technologically advanced. But now that technology is never exclusive for any longer period of time, the value of relationships has become greater than that of technology.
What bites your reality?