Oasis plays open source music in NYC

Published by on september 13, 2008 at 12:01 f m

Not many artists has as big ego as Oasis most people say, but I think they are doing modern open source art with this project. It may not be understood today because of it is to close to our time, but it is like a hole in the mirror of presence.

Oasis is putting a new spin on how to release a record, and they’re doing it right here in New York City. On Friday, September 12, the British rock band will attend a private rehearsal as NYC street performers learn three never-before-heard songs from Oasis’ new album Dig Out Your Soul, which doesn’t hit stores ‘til October 7. From there, the multi-genre musicians–from indie rockers to jazz guitarists to a shred violinist—will take the new tunes to street corners, subways and landmarks all over the City.

Above is the map of street artists, view larger Google map.

Update: 13 October. The agency BBH New York came up with this cool idea, behind the scene:

Video: NYC Street Musicians Jam with Oasis.