No advertising for Dustin with unhappy costumers

Published by on februari 4, 2007 at 11:39 f m

They started as a small entrepreneur and got big today it seems like they got to big, I am talk about the computer retailer Dustin. Today I did send them an email saying that they should stop sending me junk mail, and save their money to develop costumer support. The reason is simple, friends of me got email from them that they don’t like to have customer how not accepting their “stiff big costumer policy.” Dustin if your to stiff to handle costumers, then you don’t should do advertising to get new costumer – they will also end up in bad experience and spread bad rumors. So please do your homework and get your costumers happy before your sending me anymore junk mail again. Take it right and adapt to a better company. Then you wont need to send me junk mail for my for my friends should tell me to buy from you then.