Moon Wine – A new brand, made in the moon

Published by on juli 11, 2006 at 8:22 f m

If you are going to start to produce a new wine today, you have to compete with Italian and Spanish wine etc. This will make it hard to do something new, for the consumers already have a relation with the history of the product when it’s produced in a country. So what to do?
Why not produce a wine from a place that every consumers now about but don’t have an opinion on the taste a wine history? It is by far the biggest advertising campaign there is and it is having big impact everyday of the year when it’s getting dark – the moon.

Have you ever think of how the moon taste?
MOON WINEDon’t drink and drive at earth!

I would like to call it Moon Wine and it should be the real thing! There should be real part of the moon in the wine, that would make it REAL and it would make wine experts go wild in media. It would also be like open a bottle of BUZZ. The storytelling of this moon product could start of in the right clubs and be put into the right TV soaps and movies. The rumor could be that it is the first out of space ever made drug (you even don’t need alcohol to be drunk on the Moon Wine – is the moon a safe happy drug?). It will be a brand that is born everyday and reborn every night. Consumes will light up the moon with storytelling and buzz around the globe.
Luck up what opportunities do you see on the moon? How should you work with the branding and should the trademark be registered at the moon? How is this product ONE with the nature around consumers? Is this the first product made in the moon? Will it make you feel like an UFO the day after?

Update 14 July:
Follow the Moon Wine to Jack Yan´s blog post: Bang, zoom, to the moon! Moon wine—it may well work, though there’s a part of me that says it would have been great marketing that in July 1969. Read more.