Leftovers at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Published by on februari 11, 2011 at 11:24 f m

Did yesterday go to Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Do not think it was so creative this year becouse:
1. To many furniture is not original it is more copy’s of design.
2. Designers adapting to mother nature on the surface does not make sense (green washing is not more green becouse it only looks sustainable).

Did like the simplicity and provocative solution of design by Leftovers:

It could be your mother, the carpenter or the gardener. Perhaps an ex-lover ore a child. We are sourronded by them… People’s Leftovers are made entirely from pre-loved, re-claimed garments and fabrics.
Design by Leftovers

When green design is becoming a hype it is extra supberb to see designers as Sergej Gerasimenko how stick to his passion for cardboard furniture (looks and feels great).