Killing costumer is good business for lawyer

Published by on september 20, 2005 at 8:08 e m

The giant Drug manufacturer Merch has managed to both kill their customers with the drug Vioxx and get sued by the victims’ relatives for billions of dollars. This is not the first case or the last one. Users of the drug Vioxx have complained a lot and among the complaints heart attacks, stroke and even death cases have been found.
Again, this is not the first time drug manufacturers have succeeded in accomplishing the opposite of what was intended; saving the lives of their customers and not killing them. What would the consequence be if other branches followed this print and succeeded with accomplishing just the opposite of what is expected of them? In fact, the lawyers in US are so enthusiastic that they have put up ads along the highways trying to catch the attention of patients (clients) and/or their relatives. Perhaps killing customers is beneficial to some branches and professions but it is certainly not beneficial to the customers! It has reached so far that it is considered risky to save the life’s’ of other people. There are many stories about doctors that are afraid of saving lives of other people because of the fear of being sued. Perhaps it is not enough to ask: are there any doctors on board? But one should continue to say: …and is there any lawyer that can accompany or assist the doctor?!
At the same time we see many companies putting efforts and million of Drug manufactur dollars to be perceived as ethical companies. It can be mentioned that a documentary is being made about these companies’ ethical standards and behaviours by Mikel Moore. One might ask what the industry and the companies can do to not kill their customers and make the world as their enemy. ONE solution could be that companies should merge or build a platform of collaboration and solve the big health problems of today instead of making a fortune of human suffering. These companies that merge or collaborate could create a new corporation where they put their resources and efforts on manufacturing medicine that slows down the development of AIDS, cancer, and other diseases. This corporation could be built on the principles of ONE and be ONE with the world. It has to be mentioned that there are of course also good lawyers working for good causes. As far as the other lawyers, there should be an anti-drug against them. Source.