Is Google losing it?

Published by on september 10, 2006 at 12:34 f m

ONE of the strongest brands on earth is sadly getting in the “to big club.” In the latest number of the magazine Brand Strategy (issue 205), are they reporting about an warning form Google not to use their brand name in an wrong way! They don’t want it to become generic (can passion be generic?). Media and consumers should stop using “to google” and “googling” they are doing this to protect the trademark (like losing touch with media and consumers should help their brand).

Today I got 7 030 000 hits on “googling” and 57 800 000 “to google” in Google. That counts on the media and consumer’s stock value!

When I did an interview with a Google fan how named his kid Google I felt strongly for that the Google office in Stockholm invited him to their office to show their youngest fan. Today he may have meet some lawyers that wouldn’t “googling” with his kid…

“Intellectual property concerns are important but creating a personable identity is even more vital.”
Ruth Mortimer, Editor, Brand Strategy

Is Google losing it?

Update 12 September:
I got damn good point from master mind Seth Godin:

“the thing is, they have to try
if they don’t try, they lose the mark”

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