Intel on geek hunting for next Goolge

Published by on oktober 11, 2007 at 7:16 f m

Intel is humble enough to understand that their 90,000 employees worldwide are nothing compared to billions of talented geeks. So they are now going on “geek hunting.” The goal is to find a new before anybody else.

In an effort to stay on top of the latest software trends and cool new startups, Intel on Monday made public a Digg-like voting site called CoolSW, for “cool software.” The site will tap the geek public for the most promising new software companies worldwide…. The Hollywood Stock Exchange lets traders forecast the box-office performance of Hollywood films and Oscar nominations as a group. On average, the market picks more than 80 percent of Oscar nominees correctly, and hasn’t missed more than one Oscar winner in the past four years, according to reports.

They are not alone Dell an others do understand the power of ONE is stronger than any organization. Even we work with the collective brain power, that why we thank Manoj for sending this article.