Storyteller Ingvar Kamprad gave IKEA an award

Published by on september 14, 2007 at 11:55 f m

Yesterday I did attend at a really good seminar “Handelns hetaste varumärken!” (Retail hottest brand). IKEA did get the nr 1 award; finance director Ulrika Persson for IKEA did collect the award. Onstage she did tell a fantastic story that I believe is the reason for why they are nr 1:ik.jpg

For not long ago, we hade a record in sales at IKEA. Then came to legendary fonder Ingvar Kamprad to our headquarter and hold a speech. He started with thanking al of the staff for making IKEA so successful. Then went silent for a while and everyone was waiting for what should come next (should they get a bonus ore something?). Then Ingvar said, I want you al to hold a 2 minutes silence from now, so we al can calibrate this moment of success.

WOW! He is not only the fonder of a great companies, he a great storyteller. I believe that this story is one of the Ingvars way of creating nearly “religion level” of their famous corporate culture. Ingvar is a culturestone that they don’t can afford to disappear. He is born 1926 and cannot in person stick around forever. I believe there going to have a mayor crisis if is they don’t make him more a part of there corporate DNA. There are a lot of companies that have the same problem but not many are as big as IKEA ore having a so strong corporate culture (based on one person).