How Apple could grow, brick by brick

Published by on augusti 11, 2006 at 1:56 e m

A company that has managed to make the product its spokesman is Apple. The company’s computers replaced the square, grey, box that was once mandatory for all computers with unique modern design and vibrant colours. The computers gave consumers personality and colour. In return, consumers gave Apple enthusiastic fans. I have had an Apple since the Mac Plus in the 80’s. I’ve always wondered why most of Apple’s best advertising addresses people who’ve been using the product for a long time rather than to first time users? Can a product be superior without succeeding? My laptop is attracting admiring looks as I write this sitting at a cafe. This product creates story-telling. Apple’s Macintosh has what many consider a superior operating system, superior hardware, superior design and a brand image that is practically an icon. Yet, Apple has never managed to capture more than 5-10% of the PC market. Why?

Seth Godin is pointing out a “brick by brick” solution on his blog today:

“If you are swinging for the fences all the time, looking for one, you might end up striking out a lot. Bricks, on the other hand, are the way most industries are won.” Seth Godin

I have seen a switcher in real life. One of my friends who was a PC lover and an Apple hater, bought an iPod (a good switcher product). He was so taken with the product that he later bought an Apple computer as well. I couldn’t resist sending him a basket of fresh apples.

Apple could broaden its business even more than with just the iPod. Dell is expanding into all sorts of business areas with great success and Apple could do the same or better. In every home, a switch is imminent from the old boxes we called TV’s to new digital technology. The home TV market is changing and the time is right for Apple to take a share of that market. Millions of people already have home cinema equipment (DVD, surround sound), but the big screen projection is not particularly impressive.
How can brands sell their offer brick by brick ore as a switcher product?