Greta’s first steps on Earth

Published by on april 24, 2023 at 10:49 f m

Imagine if we lived in space and sent Greta Thunberg to take man’s first steps on planet Earth. Recently I attended on an event on the theme of space – the above thought was raised, maybe you can help me answer some questions that are now spinning like a satellite in my skull: 

  1. What would the uninhabited planet Earth (Tellus) look like today?
  2. Space as a market is valued at 1,000 billion dollars per year in 2040*. What would a virgin land be valued at today?
  3. Which animal species would be dominant in number? On land, air and in the water?
  4. Would we consider the earth a paradise with respect or a big e-commerce site to shop resources from?
  5. Would we understand that the earth’s resources are limited? 
  6. Had we become part of nature this time? 
  7. Would Greta’s generation get to create the future they desire? 
  8. What would we take with us from space? 
  9. How would you use your knowledge on the uninhabited planet? 
  10. What satellite/question is now spinning in your head? 

Thanks for the inspiration Alexandra, Polina, Preslav and speakers at the event at Carrus Network
*Morgan Stanley.