From Google Downtown to Google credit card

Published by on oktober 26, 2007 at 10:18 f m

To combine “Google Downtown” with a Google credit card they could change both the online and offline world and at the same time make history. Old credit cards don’t have any technology that can compete with the solution. Today’s credit cards are not much more than modern version of money. Google credit card will make the purchase a part of your own Google Downtown and your life. Purchases can be handled as road signs, nothing personal but ad value in consumer’s life. Where you go, drive and shop says a lot about you and can ad value in your life if the system behind the technology is built to expand time, value and offers (depending on the information you provide the system). If consumers put in information and get out more then they will give more. This can then al be develop into a community version of Google Earth. So for an example when your traveling you can get to know the things you like in that town (because your behavior pattern don’t change because you change town). Also you could get to know the people with the same interest in other places etc.

In this offline/online world can advertising be more relevant and pay pack time can be me measurable in minutes. This off course can means big money for Goolge (they can also develop Google money, instead of points consumers can then get paid direct).