Down to Earth with Space DJ Cecilia Hertz

Published by on oktober 18, 2010 at 4:33 e m

Down to Earth is a mind-challenging project based on an open innovation process with a clear purpose:

Commercializing Space Technologies for a Sustainable Earth.

To lead and to land such a challenging project as Down to Earth you need a person that has the ability to make a lot of different people dance well together. Initiator and Managing Director of Umbilical Design, Cecilia Hertz has got that ability – and also the feeling, passion and knowledge to make it work – according to me she is a true Space DJ.
Cecilia’s goal is to link space technologies to earthly problems – such as energy, water, air and living space – to be able to find new solutions. To make all of this happen Cecilia has put together a Dream Team on the dance-floor, with several what she calls “why-not”-people from various corporations and organizations along with Jönköping International Business School.
I asked Cecilia what type of companies that are in most need of new innovations. She responded quickly “All!” She also explained that the goal of the Down to Earth project is not only to put space materials into new use on earth but also to develop conceptual thinking in the Down to Earth Innovation Process. To be a truly innovative company it is necessary to open up for innovation and not to be over protective about your own ideas. When companies have picked up their choice of top ranked ideas for further development, the remaining ideas will not be discharged but put into the Down to Earth “outcubator” where students and researchers are encouraged to develop and take the ideas further.

The first phase of the project is now exhibited at the Swedish Pavilion / Shanghai World Expo 2010 in the “Better City, Better Life” exhibition.
If you ask Cecilia “Why space?” she will respond “Because our earth depends on it!”
If your company would like to be a dancing partner to Cecilia Hertz and her team they can be reached here.