Detective Marketing – Praise

Detective Marketing – Praise
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There are a number of good ways to get an idea. Sleep on it, go for a walk or read Stefan Engeseth’s new book. The sleeping and walking ways will be greatly enhanced if you read Detective Marketing first.
Al Ries, chairman, Ries & Ries

This book lets me travel from imagination to practical experience.
Jörgen Wahl, CEO, AdvisoryBoard

Some really good examples of business metaphors.

Swedish business bible.
Brand Strategy / UK

Detective Marketing is one of the best books to spotlight how become creative in the marketing process.
Anders Ericson, President, The Association of Swedish Advertisers

Very few hear the music when they read the notes. Good examples for his theories.
Marianne Reuterskiöld, President, The Swedish Marketing Federation

A mindboggling ride through a creative mind that serves you the ideas before you ever thought of the question.
Tomas Ahlsén, Sales director, FlyNordic

In his book Detective Marketing, Stefan has succeeded in creating what we always strive for: simplicity, clarity, perfection. Using simple, yet thought-provoking examples, he manages to inspire both creativity and clear-sightedness. His hypothetical cases use humor to tickle the imagination and to shed new light on the role of common sense in marketing and communications.
Claes Andréasson, Director, Absolut Akademi, The Absolut Company

Engeseth is brilliantly witty.
Asia-Inc Magazine

I can’t remember the last time I read such a thin book with so many memorable ideas. His ONE idea is brilliant. Stefan has an ability to put his finger on what is essential and discover new paths.
Ola Feurst, PhD Economics, Stockholm University, School of Business

Stefan Engeseth crackles with energy in his book Detective Marketing. He’s not afraid to think differently and he does so with the authority of long practical experience. We all need the fresh breeze that blows through this book. I recommend it whole-heartedly.
Per Frankelius. PhD Economics Örebro University and the International School of Economics, Jönköping

Discovering your creative streak.
Gulf Business

..Amusing case studies… Inspire the reader to open his mind to the possibility of having a clever idea – and embrace that idea with a view to implementing it.
Interbrand / Brandchannel / USA / UK

Stefan managed to distil years of experience and the ideas that inspire him into an accessible, digestible form. Detective Marketing is a book to which one turns to catch Stefan’s inspiration. It gives you room to think through to your own outcomes and never dictates, making it thankfully a far more interactive title than a traditional textbook.
Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates

Totally crap!!!

Ideas to pep up sagging agency. Creative department slumping a little at the agency? Well, hang on. Swedish management consultant Stefan Engeseth is here to help… Engeseth offers suggestions for increasing your creativity.
The Chicago Sun-Times / USA global web directory ranks as number 14 in the field personal growth and 5 in the field MARKETING…

At last, an easy to read book bursting with useful and creative ideas. Better to read Engeseth´s book twice or three times with pleasure than the conventional boring marketing guru book once.
Eva Hast, Manager Internal Communications. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

In Detective Marketing Stefan Engeseth’s provides an important message about the value of having a sense of wonder, curiosity, humor, and creativity as the real keys to successful marketing and sales. These are talents that we all had as children, and we can have them back again by engaging the business world head on and by taking a copy of his book with us on our next trip to the playground.
Dr Alan Gregerman, President and founder of Venture Works Inc.
Author of Lessons from the Sandbox

It was indeed a very special experience to read your trial book. I liked the way you “walk the talk” as far as your concept ONE is concerned. The most perfect example of ONE for me is the LINUX software, that what initiated by a Scandinavian guy and was basically developped by programmers all around the world over years. Today, it’s said to be better than the corresponding Microsoft software.
Wolfram Wördemann, Buchholz Wördemann Consulting, Autor of What makes winning brands different.

Stefan Engeseth has found new paths in marketing, paths that have yet to be illuminated. He is equipped with a miner’s headlamp.
Michael Carlquist, Product Manager, Vodafone

A pioneering book with many new ideas.
Stefan Broman, Institute for International Research

Stefan presents wild thoughts that are really wild until someone earns a fortune by using them.
Ib Lenneke, Advisor, the IBIDEA company

Very few books manage to integrate both strategic and creative issues in today’s marketing communications. Stefan Engeseth succeeds brilliantly, both in style and content.
Tom Andersson, PhD, Head of Berghs School of Communication Barbro Ohlson, Head of Art Direction faculty, Berghs School of Communication

My field experience with clients such as Nike, Volvo and Pepsi confirms much of Stefan Engeseth’s thinking. Detective Marketing is easy to read and chapter one alone is worth the price of the book.
Stuart Pledger, Sustainable Leadership Laboratory

Don’t highlight while reading . . . or the pages in this enlightening little book will be wet with color. Instead of searching for insights in the thousands of books on marketing, branding and innovation, simply read – and reread this one. And then use those insights to grow your brand and to make a difference in other people’s lives.
Tom Asacker, Author of Sandbox Wisdom

Fasten your seatbelts, Stefan Engeseth is going to take your for a wild ride. It’s a new and provocative dimension.
Bo Östen Johansson, former President, The Association of Swedish Advertisers

Detective Marketing is an important and thought-provoking book, not only for marketers, but also for business directors, especially for its important holistic issues of creating true valuable customer-centric offers. I had great fun reading this book full of creativity, humor and challenges. Stefan Engeseth has played the first solo in jazzing up today’s business world. The rest is up to us…
Fredrik Johansson, Cordial Business Advisers

Detective Marketing is the market’s most entertaining and refreshing book about marketing and sales. The book is full of cross-disciplinary ideas and models that can be put into practice both in service and manufacturing companies…
Karin Öbrink, Key Account Salesperson, Research International

The book contains a healthy dose of provocation. Full of wit and ah-hah!
Lennart Nivesjö, Freelance journalist

Many good tips and ideas that can be turned into profitable business.
Robert Hansen, Director of Marketing Coordination, Swedish Postal Service

We love to see your ideas in action in the states!
wlw Radio Station / USA

Its an amazing book. It is a very interactive book. Full with practical guides. Definitely a must read for all businessmen.
Amy Tan, Source Malaysia Sdn Bhd

…. pearls of wisdom are available at
Design Week / UK

Straightforward thinking. It’s thought provoking. He’s taking the Peppers’ One-to-One philosophy a step forward.
BrandRepublic / UK

It’s almost guaranteed…..that opening Detective Marketing at any spread… will inspire and reveal some gems.
CAP Online / USA / New Zealand

Engeseth’s ideas are radical 2000s’ evolution.
All About Branding

Great handbook / guide for asking the right questions. A reminder to embrace creativity and treasure differences in an organization. Equally applicable to internal marketing communications, an area that is otherwise almost always forgotten.
Mona Jönsson, Posten Försäljning

Were really turned on by your ideas, we found them amusing and refreshing but mostly we believe that they work.
FM Radio Station / Australia