Day 2 at World Public Relations Forum

Published by on juni 16, 2010 at 4:13 e m

There are few business fields that are open for constructive criticism. The public relation (PR) business is one such field who let me give out my latest book “The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising” at World Public Relations Forum. 400 professionals attended from 21 countries. Since my book is about the fall of PR I was not sure about how the message would be taken. The books where given for free, placed at a table and those who wanted it could pick them up by them self.
Impressively around 450 books where taken – I even got to sign the book to a lot of PR professionals! One prominent speaker, CEO Peter Ingman at MyNewsdesk recommended my book to the audience.
Even if I am critical to the PR field of expertise I would like to quote speaker Brian Solis:

PR is only dying if it’s not evolving…

I will get back with reflections on other speakers´ content – first I have to call those who did not believe that I would “survive” this controversial meeting of opinions.
Thanks to the arranger the Swedish Public Relations Association, audience and speakers at World Public Relations Forum for two inspiration days (Flicker photos).