Chris Anderson to Sweden?

Published by on april 16, 2007 at 10:16 e m

This evening was Chris Anderson interviewed at the TV programmed Kobra on Swedish television. They did talk about that death of the old hit list. Today is the power more about being different than being al the same (10.000 list talks more about personalities than 1 list). Its sort of saying: Taste, tastes different. Chris is the author of bestselling book “The Long Tail” and chief editor for Wired Magazine. I hade the honour to hold a lecture at the same seminar in The Netherlands as Chris. Really liked his content and way of deliver his points. I do spread the word to a lot of media and the seminar industry in Sweden; my goal is to get Chris coming over to Sweden to hold a lecture. He is really a good speaker and we need him onstage here to spread the concept of The Long Tail (it will soon be out in Swedish). When will Chris Anderson come to Sweden?