Check out: The applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference 2018

Published by on mars 16, 2018 at 11:42 f m

A world-class conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI), powered by the Swedish-American Super Entrepreneur Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO/Founder, BootstrapLabs.

The global network of experts we’re bringing together have unique backgrounds from research, entrepreneurship, investment, business transformation, etc. They’ll share insights on how to take advantage of AI’s powerful potential and the future impact across a breadth of sectors, including Transportation, Logistics, Energy, Healthcare, Finance, the Future of Work, and Cybersecurity.
Attendees come from companies big and small including: NASA, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber, Tesla, Salesforce, IBM, Intuit, MIT, Walmart, Ford, Accenture, Softbank.
The applied Artificial Intelligence conference 2018