Biggest WOW at #slush16: 3D food printer Foodini from Natural Machines

Published by on december 7, 2016 at 11:13 f m

Slush was amazing, but the innovation that was the biggest WOW for me was the 3D food printer Foodini from Natural Machines. Lynette Kucsma did an excellent speech and are in this video explaining the future step by step, or plate by plate:

CNN has named Lynette one of only seven ‘tech superheroes’ to watch, and Fortune says she “wants to sell the 21st century’s version of the microwave.” (As in, a device will revolutionize every kitchen, outpacing the functionality of the last kitchen revolution: the microwave.) She believes that people would be healthier if everybody eats freshly made wholesome meals and snacks. But, it needs to be easier and faster for everyone to create healthy foods made with fresh ingredients. So she’s helping to build a new generation kitchen appliance. Lynette is a co-founder and CMO at Natural Machines, the makers of Foodini: the first 3D food printer + IoT kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle. Foodini makes all kinds of savory and sweet foods, using fresh, real ingredients.
Co-Founder & CMO Lynette Kucsma, Natural Machines (above from Slush speaker presentation)