Bent and brand it like Beckham

Published by on juli 22, 2010 at 12:15 f m

I read Brand it Like Beckham by Andy Milligan. Beckham did kick the boll and bent it around the defense. I think that could be an great way of score goal with branding, so I did read Andy Milligan’s latest book.
Some of my favorite point in this book is:

The world loves Beckham not merely for what he does, but for who he is.
Beckham is a legend, and legends sell.

I have to ad that David Beckham looks better than most super models and that probably could have something to do with his success. But without his personal charm that could be an disadvantage for him. David’s big heart for football is pure love and love is easy to buy into.

Author information about the book:

There is no one quite like David Beckham: brilliant footballer, dedicated athlete, fashion model, global icon and all-round celebrity. But Beckham the brand? Well, yes. This book shows David Beckham in a new light: as a man who has harnessed his skills and his growing fame to market himself in the same professional and disciplined way that a successful company markets its brand.
Andy Milligan