Beck ad value to the music industry

Published by on november 16, 2006 at 12:41 e m

The band Beck did perform and show their new CD in CBS Late show. Nothing new with that but this time it was more than an original CD. The Beck cover is design so the consumer’s can customized the cover. It is done with a fun attitude (that will make people talk about it. So fun that David Letterman did play with it the whole show.

The music industry has finally wakeup and instead of protecting evolution to go forward they tap into the consumer revolution and dance to the music of Beck.

By adding value to the CD Beck they are protecting them self from illegal copying on Internet (consumers do need the CD to have the experience). Why don’t take it to the next level and make it to a ticket to there next concert? And let the fans play in the band at that concert if they create the best cover?