Bad customer service kill consumers

Published by on september 19, 2007 at 8:36 f m

Companies try to reach consumers with marketing, and then try to kill them with bad costumer service. It just doesn’t make sense, even for a marketing specialist as my friend Roland Williams. With his permission I got this letter he send to Telenor.

If the customer calls a second time, refrain from saying, “Uh… I see. Well, Technical support said that they will have it up and working in a few hours” UNLESS you can actually deliver on what you promised. If you are unable to deliver on your promise, contact the customer with a sincere apology and offer some sort of rebate or something as consolation for the temporary misfortune of being a Telenor customer. It also may curtail the emotional rage if the customer sees the expensive marketing campaign with Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein and countless other celebrity look-alikes and hears the catchy latin jingle – on the subway, in the newspaper, or between a good Woody Allen movie on television…. Perhaps you would retain a few more customers. At least you would avoid the occasional one or two who might tell their family, friends, and business associates about your definition of “Customer Service”. Roland Williams

I did send a letter to a friend that is brand manager for a mayor bank and asked him a simple question. I know that you are doing a great work building your brand. But do you know that you have a department called “costumer service” that does kill your costumers? Do you think he even responded?