Al Gores green seed is spreading

Published by on april 4, 2007 at 4:09 e m

Last week was Al Gore in Stockholm, Sweden; he did plant his green seed in media and lectures. Today I did find the grass rots coming up to surface. Parked cars in Stockholm did get a green parking fine. The cars how got summer tyres got a message at the window saying: “Thank you for saving the environment by driving with summer tyres!” A positive message that will spread positive buzz – it where saying this person is making a difference and you can do it to!
On the cars with studded tyres where the paper saying it with a handmade painted green sun saying: “Change to summer tyres you to! Did you now that your studded tyres are bad for the environment. So please change tyres. Have a nice day!” This message was not that happy but the person getting it could see that the others where giving a positive massage an can then not say to itself that this is al negative information. If the person changes the tyres he will feel that I make a difference and maybe I get the positive message next time. None of the message had any sender (grass rots don’t need it to grow).
Al this is coming from that Al Gore was here spreading his green seeds last week so people felt that they can make a difference, before we al will end up on an earth Titanic. So if you have a bit of paper around you recycle it into a message on a car around you today. This genius way of spreading green grassroots can spread as tyres roll al over the world. Al Gores green seeds is spreading global in his proactive movie: “An Inconvenient Truth” it is a must see if you live on this planet and don’t wants so swim for the rest of your life!