Adidas makes customization to an art form

Published by on april 5, 2006 at 3:05 e m

Adidas have a concept that is called Adicolor (check it out). It is not new but now it is coming back strong and it will be a big rollout 2006. To give consumers only ONE color like white shoes and then give them colors to paint there one shoes ore clothes with is a great first step to become ONE.

If you make shoes, it comes naturally to fit in the costumer into the product. But are not consumers inside cars to?

It would be great if GM would provide consumers with colors to paint their car with. Maybe that would set new color on the Cadillac that now hits European dealerships.
How do you think this will make the product stand out? Is it helping the sells and marketing with storytelling? Is this enormous creative more in the right time now than when they started the customization? How does an MTV show like Pimp my ride boast customization as a consumer culture? How should you paint, your shoes, clothes and Cadillac?