A Nobel Christmas

Published by on december 23, 2016 at 2:51 e m

Everyone has an opinion about the building plans for the Nobel Centre. We’ve a more concrete architectural proposal to wish you all a Nobel Christmas: build the Nobel Centre in the form of the Nobel Prize medal.

Millions will take selfies and send to them friends all over the world to show that they “received” the Nobel Prize. A part of the structure can be built over water which visitors must go in order to see the whole building. Whatever its location—on the water, or in the water—Santa Claus will like our medal.

The Nobel banquet can be held outside on a glass bridge, with a transparent floor, ceiling and walls so that people attend the party from anywhere around the dock. Walking on water is not so difficult with modern technology, strengthening Stockholm’s image as a city by the water. Visitors and media will all talk about the experience. To boost the feeling, a stage can be placed under the floor and underwater, where many dancers can perform. When the crowd is doing the wave around the waters on social media, even the Swedish King can smile as he stands on the glass bridge.