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Have you flown with Budweiser Airlines?

Published by on november 25, 2013

Probably not. Because they have been producing beer since 1876 and are firmly stuck on the ground. Unless their famous commercial phrase “What’s Up?” actually is a hidden message saying that they are going into the airline business. I don’t think that will happen for a long time – because they have too much history on the ground holding them back.

History should not stop Budweiser fly and eventually lands on top of the airline industry.

Strength is a weakness, if not used as a strength

Published by on november 20, 2013

Strength is a weakness, if not used as a strength.

Swedish Sharkonomics tour for The Marketing Director / Marknadscheferna

Published by on november 15, 2013

Did go on tour holding Sharkonomics speech for the The Marketing Director / Marknadscheferna an organization started on Facebook for leading Marketing Directors in Sweden. They haw grow into an trendy organization with thousands for members, the tour was fully booked in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm at Scandic Hotels.

Warm thanks for a superb lecture!
Peo Axelsson, CEO, The Marketing Director / Marknadscheferna

The tour was sponsored by Smurfit Kappa Onwell.

Sharkonomics makes its debut in Japan

Published by on november 13, 2013


In a land rich with culture and curiosity, my book Sharkonomics is now swimming amongst 127 million readers. It’s humbling and amazing to see Sharkonomics translated into Japanese – a beautiful language – and designed and presented in such a clean-cut way. My hope is that it will inspire Japanese business people in both attack and defence. Since Japan is such a great country which I have yet to visit, my hope now is to hold lectures about Sharkonomics and meet interesting people there, and experience the uniqueness of this land.


Sharknado mega shark movie success

Published by on november 9, 2013

The B-movie Sharknado is a mega movie success. I have seen hundreds of shark movies  but Sharknado seems to be outstanding (in a way only B-movies can be). It got 5,000 tweets per minute (Foxnews).
B-movies are more trendy than the rest of Hollywood, this movies is produced by one of the best The Asylum.

When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature’s deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.

Watch the trailer for Sharknado a mega success with over 6 million wives on Youtube and are creating a cult tribe of fans.

Sharknado will make Sharkonomics swim faster and bite harder!

First jump on stage in Denmark

Published by on november 7, 2013

Did hold my first Sharkonomics lecture in Denmark, great to jump up on stage for an hungry audience from The Danish Marketing Association.
They did a cool ad for the lecture that I like to share with you, here as a pdf.

Danish praise for the book:

A very good advise is to read Sharkonomics before your competitors!
Michael Raffnsøe, CEO, Danish Marketing Association

Jumping into small business press in Sweden

Published by on november 4, 2013

Sharkonomics is jumping into small business press in Sweden, here in Du&Co (pdf). No 3, 2013.

Article by Nathalie Borgman Peters.

Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 1 November 2013

Published by on november 1, 2013

1. LinkedIn: For seriously old people!
2. Relationship currency converts social skills into cash
3. Defend your market
4. If Apple would start a bank it would happen over one night
5. How Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web by cracking the code: Not invented here!
6. Jumping high in Finnish business press
7. Tablet War Week: Will look small if Facebook jumps in the water
8. From BtoC to BtoB into BtoG(EEK)
9. Hire fat people in health food stores
10. 6 Ways Apple Becomes Prey for Sharks

A world class creative Resume

Published by on oktober 31, 2013

A world class creative Resume, by Robby Leonardi.

Thanks to iBengt and

Download the future of business at SIME

Published by on oktober 29, 2013

SIME is an conference that in my opinion has become an important tribe meeting for passionated digital entrepreneurs. This year its in Stockholm 2013 takes place 12-13 November:

SIME is Northern Europe’s largest event on digital opportunities, technology, communication and entrepreneurship. During two days and nights, more than 80 speakers and 1 800 guests meet in Stockholm for Scandinavia’s premier annual Internet event. This year the theme for SIME Stockholm is downloading the future of business and a top roster of speakers will do their outmost to share experience and insights to make you stay ahead of the digital game. SIME Stockholm also features 18 workshops, SIME Investor Summit, SIME Non-Profit Summit and SIME HR Summit.

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